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Anyone who converses excessively with a woman causes evil to himself

How can talking excessively with his wife create evil for a man?

Men and women each have a unique role to fulfill. The husband, through his knowledge of Torah, establishes the spiritual guidelines for the household, while the wife engages in bringing those principles to life within the home. The Mishnah does not imply that the wife’s role is an inferior one at all; however, the man who neglects his own role, being drawn into his wife’s role through superfluous conversation, will fall short of his purpose in life.

Purpose is an essential characteristic of existence. The definitive characteristic of evil is that it negates existence; it opposes life. The “evil” that he causes himself is that not living up to the purpose for which he was created. He betrays his special potential.

These are the areas in which the husband gives direction and other areas in which wife gives direction. He should accept his wife’s advice on matters regarding the household, since she is the principal at the home. He should also consider his wife’s opinion on worldly matters, since they share that domain. In spiritual matters, however, he must be careful not to compromise Torah principles in deference to her opinion.

The Mishnah does not intend to diminish  man’s love for his wife, for he should love her as he loves himself.

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