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Bat Melech – with Rena Richman

A special Chanukkah teaching just recorded in Lubbock, TX at the South Plains Hebraic Center.

The Created “OR” (Light) of Chanukkah

Like an antidote to the chaos and darkness G-d said “Let there be Light (OR אור), and there was Light.” We find that from the very beginning Chanukah is stamped in the text of the Torah: the twenty-fifth word of the Torah is OR אור and Chanukah begins on the twenty-fifth day of the month of Kislev…

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Dedication: Dedicated to all the wonderful people we visited on the tour!

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Temple Talk is a weekly internet radio webcast with Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven of the Temple Institute.

This week features:

Spirit of the Maccabees: All For the ONE G-D!

Yosef in Egypt, the Start-Up Nation and the Original Jewish Lobby

Light in the WorldThe leaders of the nations today have brought the world to the edge of darkness in a repeat performance of one of the greatest capitulations to evil of all-time, all for a headline and a few petro-dollars. Too bad not one of the Geneva Ghouls bothered to look at this week’s Torah reading, parashat Miketz. They could have gotten a mighty lesson in real leadership, you know, the kind where man places G-d, and not himself, in the driver’s seat, as Yosef  did in leading Egypt out of darkness. But if it’s darkness the world leaders want, who you gonna call? That’s right, the original Dark-Busters – the Maccabees! It is time to learn again how to stick it to the man and reintroduce holy light into the world! Plus, the inside story of the Chanuka  rededication of the Holy Temple and the rekindling of the Temple menorah.

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The story of Yosef’s  descent into the darkness of Egypt and his rise to leadership coincides each year with the eight day festival of Chanukah. They likewise share the same deep lesson: All of life’s seemingly chaotic randomness is, in truth, directed by G-d. Our role is not merely to trust in G-d’s benevolence but to work without rest to insure our own part in His great plan. This is what distinguished Yosef  and this is what distinguished the Chashmonean kohanim  who led the Jewish revolt against the Greek oppressors.

Miketz (Genesis 41:1-44:17)
Parashat Miketz is read on Shabbat:
Kislev 27, 5774/November 30, 2013

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Have you ever felt utterly and completely alone? Yosef  must have. He was separated from his loving father and his brothers wanted to kill him. Ultimately he was thrown in a pit filled with scorpions and snakes and then sold to some passing Ishmaelites, who in turn sold him into slavery. Yet we’re never alone, and if our hearts are turned to G-d, we will identify His fingerprint upon our lives.

Vayeshev (Genesis 37:1-40:23)
Parashat Vayeshev is read on Shabbat:
Kislev 20, 5774/November 23, 2013

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Temple Talk is a weekly internet radio webcast with Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven of the Temple Institute.

This week features:

Mainstreaming Jewish Presence on the Temple Mount

“All I’ve got to do is Dream, dream, dream… ” It’s the month of Kislev!

Yaakov-meets-EsauWhile Rabbi Richman wraps up the southwestern leg of his USA speaking tour and heads to the east coast, Yitzchak Reuven finds himself alone at the mike! But as Yosef  teaches us, we are never alone. From here on in the book of Genesis focuses on a series of dreams which propel the story of Yosef  and his brothers. How appropriate that the month of Kislev  is all about sleep and dreaming. Sleep, such an important part of our spiritual existence, calls for special prayers and meditations before we go to sleep and special thanks and words of gratitude when we awaken from our sleep. When it comes to the Temple Mount we do not sleep but insist on our right to be seen there by G-d and our duty to pray there to the Master of the Universe.

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Yaakov avinu’s  (our forefather Jacob’s) midnight encounter with a mysterious angel: Who was this angel, what was his purpose, and by what name was he known? Yaakov  overcomes the angel, and by doing so gains insight into all these questions. He also acquires for himself a new name, a new identity, and a new role to play in establishing the Divine presence here on this earth.

Vayishlach (Genesis 32:4-36:43)
Parashat Vayishlach is read on Shabbat:
Kislev 13, 5774/November 16, 2013

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Biblical Faith – with Shmuel “Sam” Peak

Emunah channel is here. For Info

Since we have completed the exposition of what belongs to this gate, according to our understanding, it is now fitting to explain the things that are detrimental to trust in G-d.

I say that all the things that are as detrimental in the preceding gates are detrimental to trust [as well].
Also detrimental is ignorance of the Creator and His good attributes. For whoever fails to appreciate the Creator’s compassion for His creatures, His protection of them, His providence, dominion, and control over them, will not be confident in Him and will not rely on Him.

Another thing that is detrimental is ignorance of the Creator’s command, i.e., His Torah, in which He charged us to relay on Him and to trust in Him, as it says: “Prove Me now in this…” (Malachi 3:10); “Trust in G-d for ever and ever” (Yeshiyahu 26:4).

Another [harmful thing] is becoming enamored with the immediate causes, which on can see, without realizing that the closer a cause is to the effect, the less is its power to help or harm the one affected by it; while the more remote it is, the greater and more manifest is its power to help or harm him.

Dedicated to Albert G. Edwards

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