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Toda Raba!
We thank you for your gifts & generousity.

Technical Details about the Universal Torah Network.

  • You need broadband! Our files are large and require a lot of bandwidth.
  • If you watch several shows consecutively, and your system only has minimum memory (less than1024mb), you may begin to experience problems playing the shows. As stated before, our files are large, and put a high demand on your system to play them. As far as we can tell, this is a problem with media players / low memory configuration scenarios. In most cases shutting everything down (your browser and player) and starting over seems to clear up the problem. In some rare cases, you may have to restart your whole computer.
  • For now, most of our video media files are in the Windows Media 9 / MP3 format.
  • You will need players capable of handling Windows Media 9 / MP3 formats. There are many available now.
  • If we provide audio only files, they will be provided in MP3 format rather than windows media format.
  • For now, we are providing alternative download links for those with slower or less reliable broadband connections, or for those whose computers do not support streaming while downloading. This is ONLY to allow you to view the files on your own computer. If you are on a dial up modem, and have the time to attempt this, let us know how that works out! The fact that we provide a download link for your personal use, does NOT mean that you can post / use the shows in any other context. The shows carry very strict copyrights.

Other than that, it is fairly easy.
Come back and watch our shows each week, as you can.

– UTN –

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