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Mishnah 18

The world endures on three things–justice, truth and peace

The institution of “justice” maintains an orderly system of personal wealth. The pursuit of “truth” enriches the intellect. The pursuit of “peace” enhances our personal existence by ensuring that one person domain of existence does not encroach on his neighbor’s existence.


The Creator has allocated possessions to each of us and it is improper for one person to take what HaShem has intended for another. Competent “justice” maintains proper allocation of material possessions and enables the world to endure in the way that HaShem planned for each person.


When one pursues “truth,” intellect emerges into the world. When falsehood prevails, the intellectual side of life is abrogated.


“Peace” address the human being himself. The world requires peace to endure, because it is an intrinsic part of human nature to conflict with other people. Each of us believes from birth that “everything is mine” and conflict arises because the very existence of other people interferes with “me and mine”.

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