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The song of the Levi’s (Priest) in the Temple on Sunday (first day of week) of each week was Psalms 24 that begins, “The earth and everything in it are the property of Elokim (G-d),” because on the first day of creation Elokim became the owner of the earth and its sole ruler, and He gave it over to its inhabitants for their use. On Monday the Levi’s sang Psalms 48 beginning, “Elokim is great and highly praised,” because on the second day of creation Elokim divided the universe into a seprarate heaven and earth and set His presence in heaven, corresponding to the Holy City described in the hymn. On Tuesday the Levi’s sang Psalms 82, Elokim stands among the leaders of His people,” because on the third day of creation Elokim uncovered the earth and made the land fit for settlement by His people. On Wednesday they sang Psalms 94, “Elokim is Lord of vengeance,” because on the fourth day He created the sun and the moon, and He eventually will take vengeance from those who worship them. On Thursday they sang Psalms 81, “Sing to the Elokim of our strength,” because on the fifth day He created birds and fish, the sight of whose variety causes one to sing His praises. On Friday they sang Psalms 93, Elokim reigns; He dons majesty,” because on the sixth day He completed His work and became King over His creatures. On Shabbat the Levi’s sang Psalms 92, “A song, a poem for the day of Shabbat,” referring to the future world which is pure Shabbat; inadulterated rest.

From “Mysteries of the Creation” by Rabbi Dovid Brown.  We are studying from the following pages: pg. 56–59.

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