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In Bereishit Rabbi (6:3) we read, “It is natural the older of two brothers should set his calendar by the great luminary, and the younger by the lesser light. The descendants of Esav, the older son of Yitzchak, constructed their calendar by the sun, the greater light, and the descendants of Ya’akov base their calendar on the moon, the lesser one. This is to benefit Yisrael. Just as the progeny of Esav calculated by the sun and the sun functions only by day, not by night; so, the successors of Esav have power only in this world and no place in the future world. The grandchildren of Ya’akov set dates by the moon. Just as the moon shines by day, the descendants of Ya’akov have some power in this world and more especially in the future world. Too, just as moonlight is not evident as long as the sun shines, but when the sun sets the light of the moon is obvious, so, as long as the power of Esav is bright the light of Ya’akov is invisible. When the light of Esav will set, the light of Ya’akov will burst forth, as the novi (Yeshaya 16:1) sings, “Arise Yerushala’im, my light, because your light has risen, and the glory of HaShem shines on you. Darkness will cover the land, and blackness, the nations, and on you HaShem will shine, and His glory will be evident on you.”

From “Mysteries of the Creation” by Rabbi Dovid Brown. We are studying from the following pages: pg. 149–152.

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