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“Torah Study, the service to HaShem, and kind deeds

Torah study provides personal worth. The study of Torah builds spiritual, eternal beings out of mortals. The physical body is finite; it must come to an end. In contrast, Torah imbues a person with conceptual attributes: values and morals: principal and reason. Since these are not physical, they are not finite and never come to an end.

Personal worth comes through internalizing the values and principles of Torah and in no other way. It is in this way that Torah is a pillar of existence, for it molds us into whole and worthy beings.

The service of HaShem refers primarily to the Temple service of sacrifices, but it includes the service of HaShem through the performance of all mitzvous. The service of HaShem is a pillar of the world’s existence; it gives worth and wholeness to human existence in the context of the relationship with the Creator. Since the only existence is that of HaShem, everything else must relate back to His own existence, and provide that linkage through the service of HaShem.

Kind deeds, the third pillar, correspond to the third dimension of life: being integrated with others and good to them. To perform as act of kindness, without personal gain, is the highest degree of pure and enduring human worth. Kind deeds between one person and another induce a corresponding flow of kindness from HaShem that sustains the world.

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