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The redemption of the Jewish People from the ancient Egyptians was a demonstration to the entire world of the existence of its Creator. The continued existence of this same Jewish People is meant to serve the same purpose. Yet, throughout the ages this tiny people has been exiled from its homeland and driven out of nearly every refuge it sought. It has been persecuted and murdered by nearly every nation in the world, and, in spite of these efforts to destroy her, this ancient nation, at its weakest moment, right after the holocaust wiped out a full third of its population, reestablished her sovereignty on the soil of her ancient homeland.

Clearly this was and is a supernatural event. From its inception and to this very day the nations of the world have sought to destroy the tiny Jewish State. What they refuse to consider is the fact that this state came into being as part of a Divine Process which was predicted in the Bible. The Jewish State is proof of the existence of the Creator of the Universe.

Gary Cooperberg has been sounding the ancient trumpet of Israel, the Shofar, and calling out to all who will listen that time is running out. Biblical destiny is not stoppable, but needless tragedy is. An American who is also an Israeli citizen and has lived in Kiryat Arba, Hebron, for well over twenty years, Gary Cooperberg makes regular visits to the states to speak out to all who will listen about the imminent Biblical Redemption. If you would like to invite Gary to speak in your area, contact him.

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