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Temple Talk is a weekly internet radio webcast with Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven of the Temple Institute.

This week features:

Abraham & the One G-d of Israel

After Generations of Disappointment, Abraham Begins a Campaign to Save Humanity

The Patriarch AbrahamFrom Genesis to Lech Lecha, from creation, through the flood, the dispersion, and the emergence of Avraham, the past few week’s Torah readings have seen the generations whir by, each taking its place and fulfilling its role in G-d’s grand scheme. This week’s special Mazal Tov Edition of Temple Talk finds Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Richman joyfully watching their own new generations taking their places as well, as each thank G-d for a precious new grandson born to each of them this past week. Rabbi Richman loses his shopping wagon in the market, it winds up in another city 40 miles away – and is returned to him the next morning. What’s that got to do with the generation of the Great Flood and the emergence of our forefather Avraham? Everything, if we understand the transition from selfishness to altruism, and the fact that the world is saved by one selfless gesture at a time. It’s the month of Mar Cheshvan, the month of the Great Flood in the time of Noach  and the month of rains – G-d willing – in the Land of Israel. Every detail of this month is a reflection of Temple-consciousness; even the lack of holidays during this month is just an allusion to the great event of the dedication of the Third Temple which is one day scheduled to take place during this month. This week also marks the 836th anniversary of the Maimonides’ historic ascent to the Temple Mount.

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