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Biblical Faith – with Shmuel “Sam” Peak

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How many kinds of marks of wisdom in creation are we capable of reflecting upon? The foundations of wisdom established in creation — for all its different species and individuals — are seven:
The first is the mark of wisdom manifest in the roots and elements of the world. The second foundation is the mark of wisdom manifest in the human species. The third is the mark of wisdom manifest in the formation of man, the structure of his body, the faculties of his soul, and the light of intellect with which the Creator distinguished him, giving him superiority over the other living creatures, who were endowed with reason. The fourth is the mark of wisdom manifest in the species of the other living creatures, from the smallest to the largest of them; those that fly, swim, creep, or move on four feet, and with various forms and qualities, uses and pleasures, and the benefits they bring to the world. The fifth is the mark of wisdom manifest in plants and minerals — which are at man’s disposal for the improvement of his lot — and in various benefits which man extracts from them according to their different natures, constitutions, and qualities.

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