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Biblical Faith – with Shmuel “Sam” Peak

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Reflect further on the good Which HaShem has bestowed on man by granting him speech and coherence of language. Through speech he can express what is in his soul and innermost self, and can communicate with others. The tongue is the heart’s pen and the mind’s messenger. Without speech, a man would have no social relationship with his fellow, and would live the solitary life of an animal. Through speech it becomes apparent that one man is superior to another. Through speech, bonds of friendship are formed among men, covenants are made between HaShem and His servants. Through speech, a man turns from his mistaken path and seeks atonement for his sins. The way a man speaks is the best proof of his worthiness or unworthiness. It has been said that a man in essence is his heart and tongue. Speech is the defining element of a human being, for a man is defined as “a living, speaking, and mortal being”; it is speech that distinguishing man from beast.

Dedicated to Gary and Cynthia Coon

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