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Toda Raba!
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GH already came through for this month. Toda Rabba to GH. If you are inclined to donate, please do. Some months are not so easy. We are grateful and thankful for any gifts large or small.

Two short videos recently made on the Temple Mount.

Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount
Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount is guaranteed by Israeli law. Yet if the Israel police hear a Jew utter a prayer on the Temple Mount he will be arrested, effectively rendering Jewish prayer at Judaism’s holiest site illegal. The official reason for banning Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount? Sensitivity to Moslem feelings.

Moslem Soccer on the Temple Mount
Playing soccer at this Moslem school on the Temple Mount has long been banned by order of the Israel Supreme Court, as it was deemed inappropriate and disrespectful of a holy site. Yet the Israel police have consistently declined to take action to enforce the court ordered ban. The official reason for allowing Moslem soccer on the Temple Mount? Sensitivity to Moslem feelings.

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