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Biblical Faith – with Shmuel “Sam” Peak

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1)    One who trusts in G-d accepts His judgment under all conditions, and thanks Him for good as well as for bad, as Iyov (Job) said: “G-d has given and G-d has taken; blessed be the Name of G-d (Iyov 1:21), and it is written: Of grace and judgment I will sing” (Tehillim 101:1).
2)    One who trust in G-d — his soul is at rest and his heart is at ease in the face of decrees, because he knows that the Creator will direct them for his good in the world and hereafter, as David, peace be upon him, said: “My soul, wait quietly for G-d, for my hope comes from Him” (Tehillim 62:6).
3)    Even if one who trusts in G-d employs the means to a livelihood, he does not, in his heart, rely on those means, nor does he expect that profit or loss will accure to him unless that is G-d’s Will.
4)    One who trust in G-d, if he has anything beyond what he needs for his maintenance, spends it on what please the Creator, with a generous soul and a cheerful heart, as it is written: “For all is from You, and from Your hand have we given to You” (Devarim Ha-Yamim 1, 29:14).
5)    One who trusts in G-d occupies himself with worldly means in order to provide for his latter end, his final destination. Only when he is sure that a certain occupation is safe for all his religious and secular interests will he engage in it.
6)    One who trusts in G-d is beloved to all classes of people. They feel favorably toward him, because they are sure that he will not do them harm. They are confident that he will not angry with them, and they harbor no fear of him in respect to their wives, or their money.

Dedicated to John Culver and Audrey Heard

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