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Temple Talk is a weekly internet radio webcast with Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven of the Temple Institute.

This week features:

Anniversaries, Homecomings and The Sanctification of G-d’s Name

The Secret of Purity: Get Out of the Exile and Come Home to Israel!

stretch timeCelebrating our relationship with G-d, finishing the tabernacle and looking forward to the Holy Temple, and coming home to the Land of Israel are the interwoven themes in this week’s surprising edition of Temple Talk. Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Richman also provide an exclusive sneak-peak description of this year’s Fifth Annual International Temple Mount Awareness Day special broadcast, coming up on Sunday March 30th.

Back in 1977, good ole  Andy Griffith appeared in a television commercial for Nabisco’s Ritz Crackers and coined the phrase “everything tastes great when it sits on a Ritz.”  Since then, the expression “to sit on the Ritz”  has come to mean anything excellent — ritzy. As in swanky, elegant, posh. As in, perhaps, the quality of Jewish life in the lands of their exile? Now you can have your bacon flavor and eat it, too: Ritz has a new cracker with artificial bacon flavor that is certified kosher. Why is that a big deal, or even newsworthy? Is it a reason for Rabbi Richman to go ballistic and once again demonstrate total political incorrectness? Imitation bacon flavor with rabbinical supervision; is this a sign of the success of American Jewry; that we’ve made it and are “here to stay?”  Not according to G-d’s word to the prophet Ezekiel, who states that… um… actually, the worst desecration of His holy name is the simple fact that the Jewish people remain in the lands of their exile. And the greatest sanctification of His name will only happen when the Jewish people come home to the Land of Israel. So how are we to understand that the same organization which certifies imitation bacon-flavor crackers, roundly criticizes Israeli rabbis for standing up to John Kerry’s fire sale of the Land of Israel?


Am I hearing you right? If you dare, listen to this week’s Temple Talk, and decide for yourself.

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